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Wellframe's mobile-enabled solution amplifies your existing care management programs to help you optimize member care and improve outcomes. Regular communication between your members and their care team, coupled with an easy-to-follow health checklist delivered directly to the member's phone, facilitates improved care plan adherence, supporting healthier, happier people!

Why Wellframe?


Our mobile enabled care exponentially increases your member touch points, boosts self-care and facilitates ease of engagement between your members and their care managers.


Members thrive as a result of our high-touch, personalized care management flow and feedback loop that encourages plan adherence.


Care managers are empowered to engage with members at their desired level of frequency to deliver the highest quality care. Their ability to adjust member care programs based on real-time insights maximizes productivity, efficiencies and ultimately member outcomes.


Increased member to care manager communications significantly decreases time per contact and associated costs for care. Daily check-ins mitigate issues before they escalate.